It’s easy to put things off. We all tend to concentrate on those urgent matters - or at least what we currently perceive as urgent - that require our immediate attention. Other matters that are equally important - but which lack a sense of urgency - tend to be those that we defer. Responding to customer complaints, making sure there’s cash to cover the week’s payroll and completing that proposal for a potential new customer are all examples of important tasks that require immediate attention. Making time to effectively plan for company growth, visiting with key customers who helped you build your business, and eating and exercising smartly to maintain your health are those things that - when push comes to shove - we often defer.

I have a friend who recently learned that they have a serious, life-threatening health condition. It’s moments like these that put the words “important” and “urgent” into a whole new perspective. My friend has decided to take a leave of absence from work and devote full effort to regaining health. It’s uncertain whether lifestyle - i.e., nutrition, exercise and stress - have contributed to the current health condition, but one can only surmise that they have been a factor.

Our actions, and how we allocate our time and resources among them, ultimately affect our outcomes. If we don’t eat healthy and exercise, we end up suffering from obesity, heart problems or a host of other physical debilitations. If we don’t spend time with our people communicating our vision and helping them understand how they contribute to our company’s success, we deal with costly employee turnover. If we don’t deliberately make the time to formally plan for our company’s future, we will always feel as though we’re just running in place - never getting any closer to our envisioned state.

So let’s not wait for a personal crisis to reflect on how we’re allocating our time. What’s really required for you to maintain good health, support and guide your family, and achieve the business success you desire?

Make it a new year’s resolution to develop a personal plan for allocating time to healthy living, strengthening family bonds, and planning to make your company all it can be - and then create a plan to make yourself accountable for making it happen. As Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you might wind up someplace else.”If you need assistance with business planning or developing your growth strategy, I can help. Please call me at (712) 540-6096 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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